Thank you so much for all your help with the first 12 episodes of Grimm! As you know our schedule is fast paced and demanding. It has been your flexibility, kindness and patience with us that has made the first part of our season great. So great in fact, that NBC has picked up Grimm for nine more episodes of season 1. We look forward to working with you all again and thank you all for supporting the Portland Film Community.

Angela Smith and Shayna Goldstein, Open 4 Business Productions

Thanks for your last minute hustle for us! The couch is beautiful!


You helped us achieve a remarkable look, adding texture and design to all our various film environments. The aesthetic details of every individual item within our sets, transformed together as a whole, provide a dimension of life which can inspire actors in their performances… and set the stage for all the other professionals behind the scenes. Truly it’s a collaborative art and we want to pass along the many compliments we’ve received because of you - our community vendors!

PLL - The Perfectionists

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